Meet Our Goats

We raise ADGA registered Alpine, Nubian, and Nupine dairy goats on our 14-acre farmstead for holistic land management.

Barbara the Nubian Doe Striking a Pose

Goat Health: Our Top Priority

Biosecurity and the safety and health of our animals are top priority at Dancing Feathers Farm. Our entire dairy goat herd is tested annually for CAE, CL, Johne’s and milking does are tested yearly for Q-Fever and brucellosis. We routinely collaborate with our local caprine veterinarian and check our dairy goats daily for abscesses, sore mouth, and health issues.  

Our dairy goat herd receives a blend of herbal and traditional wellness support techniques. We provide herbal supplements like red raspberry leaf, comfrey, slippery elm bark, garlic, and Land of Havilah parasite formula to support healthy pregnancies, healthy digestive systems, and prevent parasites. Hooves are trimmed every other month, adult goats receive annual CDT vaccines, and we provide probiotics at the start of kidding, breeding, and spring grass season. Goat kids are given a second CDT dose at 8 weeks old and also given probiotics to aid digestion and strengthen their little rumens.

Our Goat Nutrition Program

Our goat herd enjoys 24/7 free choice, locally-harvested grass hay and access to spray-free rotational grazing pastures planted with perennial Michigan caprine-balanced grasses and grains throughout the growing season. We provide our goats with fresh veggie treats from our personal kitchen garden, hand-blended herbal supplements from Jen’s herbal apothecary, Land of Havilah anti-parasite herbal blends, apple cider vinegar in clean water we change daily, and free-choice baking soda and caprine minerals for every member of the herd. 

Meet Our Goat Herd

*B QMF Nox’s Sun God

Apollo is our handsome American Alpine herd sire. He was born in February of 2022 and came to us from Quarter Mile Farms, one of southern Michigan’s best French and American Alpine goat breeders. Apollo comes with a performance-packed pedigree, gentle temperament, and gorgeous cou claire coloring. His dam maxes out her milk tests with over 15lbs of milk – and a beautiful udder to boot! This boy is the whole package – a sweetheart and stunner.

Sire: *Elite* SG Pleasant-Grove RR Mathias +B
Sire’s Sire: SGCH Marran Rose’s Rochester +*B
Sire’s Dam: CH Pleasant Grove Zen Mirabell

Dam: SG QMF Goddess of the Night 2*M
Dam’s Sire: Caprice Acres Midnight Star +*B
Dam’s Dam: QMF Back Street Allie 1*M

Todaro Farm Big Bad Barb

Barb is our gorgeous moonspotted registered grade Nubian. She was born in February of 2020 and came to us from the wonderful Todaro Farm, one of Southwest Michigan’s most knowledgeable, kindhearted, truly dedicated-to-excellence Nubian goat breeders. Barb is a big-time outdoor gal and when not grazing on every piece of delicious grass possible, she is lounging in the sun enjoying her life near the top of our herd’s hierarchy. We welcomed her to the farm while in milk from her second freshening and she consistently puts nearly 5lbs of milk in our bucket a day. We’re thrilled to have her in our herd and can’t wait to see her kids hit the ground each spring.

QMF Northern Territory

North is our spirited, polled registered Purebred French Alpine doe. She was born in February of 2022 and came to us from Quarter Mile Farms, one of southern Michigan’s best French and American Alpine goat breeders. North is a complete joy to have in our herd and a family favorite due to her incredible personality and laugh-inducing daredevil goat antics. Her captivating cou blanc coloring is perfectly complemented by bewitching wattles; she is by far the fanciest girl on the farm! North gave us close to 8.5lbs of milk each day as a first fresher and we are excited to watch her improve as a 2nd year mama in the spring of 2024!

Sire: Caprice Acres Outback Brisbane – Polled
Sire’s Sire: SG Evermore Outback ++*B
Sire’s Dam: Caprice Acres Irish Red 3*M

Dam: Regel Katan Farm Monarch 1*M
Dam’s Sire: SG Kickapoo-Valley Life Abraham +*B
Dam’s Dam: Pleasant-Grove Lifeline Thrown

Forever Home Daisy

Daisy is our gentlest, sweetest purebred Nubian doe. She was born in February of 2022 and came to us from Forever Home Dairy Goats in Northwest Indiana. Sweet Daisy is Jen’s favorite goat on the farm. One can often find Jen hanging out with Daisy in the pasture, sitting goat-in-human-lap among the dandelions, simply enjoying one another’s company. Daisy sports the most beautiful coloring; from her unique white blaze and tan trim to her partial belt and frosted ears, this girl is one heckova eye-catching beauty and we’re thrilled to welcome her exceptional genetics to our herd.

Sire: Clarion To Infinity And Beyond
Sire’s Sire: *B Blissberry Who Done It?
Sire’s Dam: Clarion Tino Above And Beyond

Dam: Forever Home Lilly Anne
Dam’s Sire: *B Hoanbu Rel Sunbeam
Dam’s Dam: Patch Of Pines Phoebe