Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about local pickup at the farm, our shipping policy, packaging, returns, refunds, suppliers, and more.

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Save On Shipping With Local Curbside Pickup at the Farm

We offer curbside pickup at our farm in Bloomingdale, Michigan for all local orders. Simply choose “Local Pickup at the Farm” during checkout and we’ll email you after your order processes to arrange a curbside pickup date and time. All local orders are eligible for curbside pickup. 

*Please note!* We take saftey and biosecurity very seriously on our farmstead and consequently do not open our home to the public unless arrangements are made ahead of time. Visits with our animals are by invitation only. Thank you for understanding!  

Shipping Info

Orders ship once per week. Please understand we are a working farm and cannot accommodate fast turnaround times and/or escalated shipping of any products for any reason. We ship using USPS custom flat rates based on package weight and size. Rates include postage, materials, and labor. Shipping is available to America’s 50 states and to APO/AFO addresses only. We proudly ship using recycled packaging.

Return and Refund Policy

We do not accept returns on any products.

We strive for excellent customer service. Refunds are handled on a case-by-case basis and at the sole discretion of our owner.

Our products are natural and vary in color, scent, weight, size, and texture.

We craft everything by hand, store and package orders on site, and are at the mercy of Michigan seasons. No two orders are identical.

We do not offer refunds for forgotten local pickup orders.

We aim to provide the best products possible and are not responsible for waste that occurs when customer fails to fulfil their pickup obligation. 

Recycling and Best Care Techniques


Our Recycling Incentive

Our farm depends on recycled, reused, repurposed functionality in all areas of our day-to-day work. We happily provide a $10 off coupon to customers who follow us on Facebook or TikTok and tag us in content showcasing unique ways to recycle our packaging. To receive your $10 off coupon, upload your creative recycled packaging ideas and tag our farm!

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Best Care Techniques

Your soaps and balms will last longer if you keep them out of direct heat and moisture. Rest soaps on a soap tray and out of direct streams of water when not in use. Store balms in a dark, dry place. Fresh veggies should be stored in the fridge and fresh flowers need vase water changed daily. Questions about your Dancing Feathers Farm products or product? Contact us here for more information. 

Our Suppliers

Our products are made using transparent ingredients from like-minded suppliers and local artisans.

Healthy Traditions

Healthy Traditions

Gold Label Coconut Oil

Fair Tale Ghana

Fair Tale Ghana

Shea Butter

Bulk Apothecary

Bulk Apothecary

Olive and Grapeseed Oils

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy

Essential Oils

The Lye Guy

The Lye Guy


Johnny's Seeds

Johnny's Seeds

Flower and Vegetable Seed

Liability Policy

Dancing Feathers Farm at no time claims to provide any medical treatment, solutions, or healing properties from any of our products because to do so is against FDA regulations. Please understand your/your family’s health is your responsibility. Carefully read all ingredients and perform a patch test of any products you don’t personally make yourself before regularly applying anything to your skin or the skin of those you love.

Dancing Feathers Farm in no way accepts any liability for rashes, allergic reactions, or adverse health effects caused by or resulting from the use of any product purchased from this website or any other Dancing Feathers Farm, LLC sales exchange. By buying from this website, you are agreeing to release and waive all liability claims now and forever against Dancing Feathers Farm, LLC. Please, we ask again, read the ingredients…and if you’re unsure, talk to your health care practitioner before purchasing or using any new products.