Join along as we share stories about our farm products, dairy goat herd, growing season, and life as a first-generation homesteading family.  

Triple B Balm: The Best Stuff on Earth

Is there anything worse than itchy, painful, irritated skin? From red-rashed baby bottoms and summertime bug bites to Michigan’s world-renowned wintertime dryness and barnyard cuts and scrapes, our family has seen our fair share of skin issues over the years. Our...

Dairy Goats and Spring Soaps

We look forward to winter every year as January is the one month per year we get to relax from growing, producing, and planning. This winter, we had the delightful opportunity to witness the birth of two baby goats only one day before Valentine's Day! Our herd queen...

Autumn on Our Michigan Farm

Ah, the beauty of a Michigan farm in autumn! This is one of our favorite times of the year. The leaves are going golden, the animals are getting shaggy, and the scents of apples and squash beckon comfortingly from the kitchen. We've had an extremely busy summer,...

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